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We believe that it's best to shake an industry from the ground up. BroadbandTV is a digital entertainment company that was founded in 2005, right at the start of the YouTube entertainment revolution.

As The Face of Entertainment Shifted Online...

...BroadbandTV realized the need to connect content owners, content creators, audiences and advertisers for a mutually sustainable rights and revenue model where everyone could benefit.

As our model and technology developed, so did our company culture of fresh, diverse thinkers creating intuitive technologies and services for our partners. This thriving team pioneered success for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Valuing an equal balance of talent, drive and creativity, the BBTV team grew with an ear to the ground and a mind for innovation. BroadbandTV combines scalable technology solutions, reliable sustained growth and an industry-veteran perspective to be the ideal partner for your online video needs.

1205 Melville St.

Vancouver BC

V6E 0A6

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